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Zebra AP6511E

Zebra designed the WLAN access point AP6511E for complex locations. In hotels, dormitories and hospitals, there are often fire doors, ceramic tiles, cables and plumbing, which make the installation of reliable wireless networks a difficult task. The advantage of the AP6511E lies in its WiNG Express architecture, for connection and integration within a few minutes - wirelessly and simply. It can be connected to the network by standard maintenance workers within a few minutes, an enormous cost-saving factor. For installation, simply use the existing category 5 or 6 cables. Its sleek compact design blends in with its surroundings, ensuring discretion.
  • Dual band Wi-Fi access point and RF controller for complex surroundings
  • Simple set-up, even for the inexperienced user - thanks to WiNG Express architecture
  • Two internal antennae and 2x2 MIMO
  • Mount blends in with existing cables, ideal for any location
  • Supports VoWLAN Voice-over wireless LAN services
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