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Zebra FX9500

The Zebra FX9500 is a high performing RFID reader. It quickly and extremely precisely captures even large volumes of RFID-marked goods pallets, boxes, containers in incoming goods, outgoing goods and during inventory. The automatic capture via RFID tags and labels considerably reduces the margin of error compared to manual capture, plus saves you time. Thus, user efficiency is increased many times over compared to barcode reader capture. The FX9500 also precisely reads RF-challenging materials, such as those with a high metal or liquid content.
  • High performing stationary RFID reader
  • Ideal for incoming goods, outgoing goods, inventory, etc.
  • Variants with 4 or 8 ports for more throughput and lower costs
  • Highly reliable, even in dusty environments
  • Compact die cast aluminum housing with IP53 seal
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