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Honeywell Dolphin 70e Wearable Solution

With the wearable solution for the Honeywell Dolphin 70e you make users even more flexible than before. Attach the mobile computer comfortably to your arm and suddenly additional areas of usage are possible, such as warehousing and pick-by-voice. Additionally, you easily connect a 1D or 2D ring scanner via cable or Bluetooth, to also increase data capture options. The combination of the Dolphin 70e, wristband and scanner together weigh less than 500 g, light enough even for longer operation times.
  • Practical hands-free solution for the Dolphin 70e mobile computer
  • Ideal for commissioning, parcel processing and sorting
  • Two free hands for complete control
  • Ring scanner optional as a 1D laser or 2D imager
  • Modular lightweight system
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