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PrehKeyTec SIK 2500

Enjoy a long operational lifecycle with the illuminated silicone keyboard PrehKeyTec SIK-2500 this robust keyboard with alphanumeric layout is specially developed for industrial applications. The entire device is hermetically sealed and IP65-certified for protection against dust, splash water and liquids. Additionally it withstands disinfectants, gear and motor oils, alcohol and antifreeze, which normally immediately make common keyboards inoperable. Thanks to its robust silicone surface the SIK-2500 is hard-wearing. Quick and easy cleaning with disinfectants or even under running water are no problem. Thanks to these features, you open up numerous areas of applications, such as in the food industry or in pharmaceuticals.
  • Robust industrial keyboard with a silicone surface
  • Alphanumeric keyboard layout available in black and white
  • Red key illumination for optimal readability
  • Abrasion-resistant thanks to PU coating
  • Operational even with gloves
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