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PrehKeyTec GIK 2700

The PrehKeyTec GIK-2700 is an alphanumeric keyboard with a glass surface which features highly sensitive reactions to input, thus it is ideally equipped for the high demands in industrial food hygiene environments. Capacitive sensors guarantee comfortable handling of all the keys, the mouse buttons and the glide pad, even when operating it with thin gloves. The sensitivity of this USB keyboard can be adjusted, as well as its acoustic feedback, to further support user-friendly handling. Even its cleaning system impresses with its simple handling and high efficiency the keyboard can be locked via a key combination, for easier and more secure disinfection.
  • Professional alphanumeric keyboard, ideal for industrial applications
  • Easy to clean thanks to its abrasion-resistant glass surface and cleaning function
  • Integrated glide pad, precise usage even while wearing gloves
  • Resistant against liquids, acid and dust
  • Available in black or as built-in unit
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